Wednesday 18th March
Remixing The Festival Symposium (16:00)

Jan Bang, Erik Honoré, Tony Dudley-Evans, Sarah Farmer and Fiona Talkington discuss the future of festivals
Thursday 19th March

Trish Clowes and Louise McMonagle (21:30)
Remix by Erik Honoré, Arve Henriksen and Eivind Aarset

stillefelt with Jan Bang (20:00)
Remix by RBC and UOA students
Friday 20th March

The Height Of The Reeds (21:30)
Remix by Annie Mahtani and Chris Mapp

Thallein Ensemble plays Maja S.K.Ratkje (20:00)
Remix by Andrew Woodhead and Mark Sanders
Tickets// £15 one day // £25 both days // Symposium is free entry

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